Token Designer Tutorials

07/08/2014Token Designer Concepts

 The Token Designer is built around a number of concepts.  Understanding those concepts is the first step in mastering the tool.LayersMuch like onions and ogres, tokens are designed in layers.  There are four types of layers in the Token Designer: Base, Shape, Text, and Cut.Base ..

07/08/2014Token Designer Files

The Token Designer outputs multiple types of files.  While these files look like normal graphic files, they are not. Technically speaking, all of the files that the Token Designer outputs are PNG (Portable Network Graphic) files. However, the Token Designer takes advantage of a little used..

07/08/2014Editor Panels

At the top of the Token Designer are the editor panels.  These panels allow the user to manipulate the currently selected layer of the token.  There are several different editor panels with each one have a specific purpose.Shape Panel[Base Layer and Shape Layer] The Shape Panel a..

07/08/2014List Creator Concepts

Users use the List Creators to put together sets of tokens or bases.The primary concept to the List Creators is plates.  Zekim Design Studios sells tokens by the plate.  A single plate can hold forty 0.8 inch-sized tokens.   Color Tokens are only sold in full plates. &n..

07/08/2014Texture Manager Concepts

Textures are simply images that are used to provide interesting effects in the Token Designer.  With the Texture manager, it is possible to add in new texture or even design the entire token in a different program and then import it into the Token Designer.DPIDPI or Dots Per Inch is a standard ..

07/08/2014How to buy custom tokens

 There are three steps in purchasing custom tokens/bases/dice  Step 1: Design The Token/Base/DieUsing the Token Designer, you need to design your item.  This is usually the most difficult step as the Token Designer offers so many choices it can be difficult deciding on how your i..