Terms and Conditions

We here at Zekim Design Studios really hate rules.  Rules can be exploited, gamed, hid behind, etc...  We really rather work with our customers to reach a satisfactory conclusion for both sides. 

That said, there are some common topics that need to be discussed up front.

Copyrights, Trademarks, etc...

If you submit a custom product, you acknowledge that you have permission to use any and all images, shapes, phrases, etc... used in that custom product.  We don't like to get sued, so please don't submit custom products that will cause us to be sued.

Returns, Refunds, and Replacements


All of the products that Zekim Design Studios sells are produced on demand.  We don't have a large warehouse (or even a small one) to store extra product.  As we do not have anywhere to put extra product, we can not accept returns.  

Please make sure that you really want a product before ordering it.


We do not have an automatic refund policy.  Refunds will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


If we send you a defective product, we will gladly replace it.  We may ask that you send the product back to us (at our expense) so that we can see what went wrong.

Please keep in mind that "does not meet expectations" is not the same as defective. 

Things that are not defects


Color is a tricky thing.  The final color of an product will not match the color on your computer screen.  The color will be from the same area of the palette, but will not be the exact shade when you compare the product in real life to the image on your computer screen.


Most products are cut out with a laser cutter.  While it is an incredibly precise machine, there are limitations.  The limitations vary be product type, but it is best to assume a tolerance of +/- 1/16 of an inch (1.5 mm)


Zekim Design Studios will collect sales tax for MN residences.   If you live in another state, please remember to report your purchase to your local tax authority.  Sales and use taxes are what keeps the roads repaired and firefighters paid.

Shipping and payment

If you live in the Twin Cities, you can arrange for free pick-up with a cash upon delivery option.  Please contact us before selecting those options during checkout. 

For those living outside the Twin Cities area, but in the US, we offer flat-rate shipping.

For those living outside the US, we currently ship to Canada, Austria, and the UK.  If you live elsewhere, please contact us and we'll see if we can ship to your country.

The shipping price is calculated based upon an average sized order.  If your order is more expensive to ship, we might ask for additional payment.  This is especially true for international shipping as rates go up quite quickly.  If we can not come to an agreement any additional shipping cost, we will gladly give you a 100% refund.


You may only use 1 coupon at a time.  That is the way that the shopping cart is designed and we don't have the ability to change it.

Processing Time

As all orders are made as the orders are submitted, please allow up to three weeks for fabrication.  Typical turn around time is 1-2 weeks, but during busy seasons, it can take up to three weeks.