How to buy custom tokens

 There are three steps in purchasing custom tokens/bases/dice  

Step 1: Design The Token/Base/Die

Using the Token Designer, you need to design your item.  This is usually the most difficult step as the Token Designer offers so many choices it can be difficult deciding on how your item should look.

Step 2: Create A List

The next step is to create an order List using the appropriate List Creator (accessed from the Windows Menu in the Token Designer).  The List Creators allows you make a set of tokens/bases and define how many of each item are in the set.

The Die Layout is a little different.  It allows you to create a single die with 6 faces.

Step 3: Upload to Zekim Design Studios

After creating an order List/Die Layout, upload the file created to Zekim Design Studios.  Be sure to follow the instructions on the page.

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